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Effective date: December 1, 2020

Aspiration Marketing Customer Terms of Service

Working with Aspiration Marketing should be (1) easy and (2) beneficial to you. Our Customer Terms of Service provide the framework for our collaboration when executing an agreement with us.


Access to Systems

You agree to provide Aspiration Marketing with full (super) administrator access to all chosen and required advertising or technology platforms, e.g., Facebook, Google, HubSpot, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Vidyard.

Agreement Scope and Additional Activities

For any ad hoc activities being requested in areas outside the agreed order scope, we will charge in hourly increments at rates specified in the order document. Those activities will be completed only upon your written request and are subject to mutual confirmation prior to commencement.

You can request an upgrade to additional services and associated,  increased efforts at any time, with the appropriate increase of deliverables and funding to be agreed upon separately.

Work Product

Aspiration Marketing hereby assigns to you the ownership of all Work Products and IP contained within the finished Work Product. You shall have the irrevocable, worldwide, and free-of-charge right to copy, publish, use, modify, transfer, and assign created Work Product. For purposes of our relationship, “Work Product” means the content, materials, formulas, research, documentation, and all works of authorship, created or developed in whole or in part by Aspiration Marketing as part of this Agreement.

Your Payments

Unless specified differently, with the exception of an initial payment (due upon contracting), all other monthly,  advance payments for services and products rendered are due, per bank transfer, within 15 days of invoicing. Banking information will be made available with each invoice.

Applicable taxes will be added as required by law.

Unless specified differently in your order, specified fees do not include any technology subscriptions or advertisement funds payable to third parties, e.g., Facebook, Google, HubSpot, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Vidyard


Contracts with Aspiration Marketing automatically renew on a monthly basis and can be terminated by either party via written 8 weeks notice prior to the desired month-end.  Engagements longer than 6 months can be terminated by either party via written 8 weeks notice prior to the desired quarter-end.

To secure the rates specified in this agreement, you can extend termination and notification periods at any time in writing, no further than to a maximum of two years after the initiation of this agreement.

Lead Referral Program

For the duration of this agreement, you can participate in the Aspiration Marketing Lead Referral program, i.e., for any company referred to Aspiration Marketing, leading to a signed marketing retainer agreement with the referred company during or within three months of terminating this agreement, Aspiration Marketing will grant you a referral fee payment of 50% of one (1) monthly fee as specified in your order. Earned referral fees are payable six (6) months after the initiation of an agreement between Aspiration Marketing and the referred company and require an active agreement between Aspiration Marketing and the referred company at the time of payment. Paid referral fees to you must not exceed one (1) monthly fee agreed between Aspiration Marketing and the referred company. Your company, related companies, and their affiliates do not qualify as referred companies. 

Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement

As part of any agreement with Aspiration Marketing, you agree to our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Your physical address will determine Jurisdiction, Contracting Entity; Applicable Law; Notice as specfied here.